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Webáta is a Walmart specific eCommerce technology company providing the data formerly only available with Amazon and Google.  This data drives insights and actions to grow sales. We help brands easily prioritize the actions that lead to the greatest eComm benefit with services revolving around Product Presentation, the Digital Shelf, Sales & Supply Chain, and Marketing & Promotion. We leverage our proprietary and unique data sets, processes and algorithms to help you prioritize and organize what matters most and accelerate your Walmart eCommerce performance.
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Ensure every digital product presentation (Item Page)  is up to the required standards of Walmart eCommerce and compare & contrast to category leaders. Webata also has the ability, through streamlined collaborative partnerships to act as single point of contact and execute recommended content creation and deployment.
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Get true category benchmarks like Webata's Digital Plan O Gram and value of merchandising.  Win more top 10 and page 1 rankings with our ongoing optimization process leveraging our Keyword Winnability Algorithm and keyword insertion/extraction service.  
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Sales & 

Supply Chain

Comprehensive eComm sales reporting including pick-up & delivery. Identify points of distribution gains through listing opportunities - making sure every item in-store is listed in that store's Online Pick-Up & Delivery (OPD), and sync your Pickup & Delivery Out-of-Stock (OOS) data with that from Retail Link to improve your supply chain efforts.
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Marketing and

Promotion Data

Get the data you need to effectively maximize your ad and sponsored search spend at Walmart's digital properties.  See what keywords are sponsored most often by you and your competitors. Manage bid size by understanding how often you are winning the bid.  

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Every Category Covered.

Food & Beverage

Health & Beauty

Baby Diapering & Care

Medicine & Supplements

Home Decor


Personal Care & Hygiene

Animal Health, Food & Grooming

Cleaning & Chemical

Vehicle Parts & Accessories


ArtS & CraftS

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Through a subscription-based model, we give you access to insightful and valuable data. You receive exclusive SaaS dashboard reporting and a robust Alerts Suite customized to what matters most to you and your team. Our goal is to help you identify and prioritize The Next Best Action that will lead to the greatest eComm benefit, with minimal effort by your team.

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