Are OPD Rankings Affected by In-Stock?

Have you stopped to consider how online performance is influenced by what is happing in the store? At Webata, we’ve found that Retail Link in-stock percentages directly affect online keyword rankings. As an item goes out of stock in Retail Link, data shows the number of Page 1 rankings also declines.


Because Page 1 rankings follow in-stock percentages, this can have significant OPD implications for your business. The frozen food product below is just one example showing how items’ rankings seem to mirror their store in-stocks on Retail Link.


At Webata, we can help you understand a variety of factors that affect your OPD rankings, possibly some you may not have even considered before. We can also help you stay on top of when your competitors are out of stock, so you can take steps to capture market share and push to get your items on the coveted shopper “Reorder” list.

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