Impressive Walmart SEO Results for September + 29% Increase

Still skeptical about Walmart SEO? At Webata, we see strong results every day that continue to prove the relevance and success of SEO optimizations for Walmart.


In fact, September results in the Quick Meal Categories show that top 10 rankings increased by 29%, while page 1 rankings gained a 21% lift.


At Webata, we consistently see these robust increases in rankings across the entire store, proving time and again that SEO optimization should be a significant part of your Walmart Ecomm strategy.


Webata’s proprietary SEO algorithm is designed to identify winnable keywords for each of your items. Our turnkey optimization program results in an ongoing increase in top 10 and page 1 rankings. This gives your items better digital shelf presence and ultimately increases sales.


Ready for a sales lift? Click on the big red "Contact" button on top of the page to learn how we can help increase your rankings.

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