OPD Price Variances Reach 50% and Beyond

Many suppliers assume their items are priced consistently on OPD, but that’s just not the case. Our research has revealed that most items have a 20-50% price variation across all Walmart stores, and many actually experience an even greater degree of variance.


More often than not, there are pockets of stores, entire states or even regions where the price is well outside of its expected variance. In this typical example, a nationally carried frozen food item has a 55% price variation from its baseline of $8.98!


Webata offers the capability to track pricing for both your items and your competitors’ items across the U.S. That means when it’s time to take pricing, you’ll know how other brands in your categories are being priced and where you stand in relation to them.


If you’re interested in seeing how your OPD pricing varies by store, state or DC or if you want to gain pricing intelligence for items across your category, click here: experts@webata.com

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