Proof that Targeted SEO Works

Over the past year, Webata partnered with one of our larger clients to implement three SEO strategies and measure the corresponding OPD sales effect. Using our proprietary keyword algorithm, we identified and inserted our winnable keywords and extracted outdated ones.

For this study, we segmented the client’s SKUs into three groups – two test groups and one control group. After a year, the results are in, and similar to SEO results we see for all our clients, this client was amazed to see their OPD growth rate quadruple.

Overall during the test, Walmart’s OPD saw a consistent trend of growth. Consequently, the control group also grew at a steady pace.

For one test group, we chose to optimize our keyword insertions and extractions every 3 months. This group experienced a growth rate that was 2.5 times better than that of the control group.

For the second test group, we optimized keywords every 2 months. This resulted in group 2 achieving a growth rate of 4 times better than the control group!

Knowing that SEO optimizations directly affect rankings and sales at more than 4.600 stores, our clients did the math and quickly realized that Webata’s SEO plan paid for itself many times over.

If you’re ready to see substantial OPD growth and increased sales, contact Jeff at or find us at Let us create an SEO plan that will have a verifiable impact on your business.

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