There’s Still Time to Grow Your Q4

There’s Still Time to Grow Your Q4. You’re probably asking: what practical steps can you take to drive eComm growth, and is there enough time to get them done?


Webata suggests three easily executable strategies:

  • Make sure items are listed for eComm at all stores where they are carried. We still see listing omissions in approximately 15% of item/store combinations. A shopper cannot buy what is not there!
  • If appropriate, get credit for SNAP eligibility. The latest data show that items are not listed as SNAP eligible in around 3% of the stores where they should be listed.
  • It’s never too late for digital advertising. Whether off-site advertising or on-site tactics like sponsored search, digital advertising can still have a sales effect until the last day of the year.

So what does this mean for our clients? Webata can help you:

  • Increase digital shelf presence, resulting in up to 20% more sales.
  • Improve OPD item listing compliance, resulting in up to 10% increased points of distribution.
  • Create better competitive intelligence, allowing for more meaningful and precise growth strategies.

The quarter is already in full swing, so don’t wait. Take action to Increase your eComm sales now by contacting Jeff at or find us at to set up some time to talk.

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