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Webata is a Walmart specific eCommerce technology helping brands accelerate the digital shelf and improve search rank.


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Webáta is a Walmart and Target eCommerce technology company organized around Sales & Supply Chain, the Digital Shelf, Product Presentation, and Marketing & Promotion. Our purpose is to help our clients identify their next best action, to continually get better, become more effective, and foster great ideas. We exist to help brands become more sophisticated than they were yesterday and accomplish Walmart and Target eCommerce excellence.



To gather the data required for analysis, we mine keyword and SKU data directly from the source,,, Pickup & Delivery, and Retail Link. We then inform it with trend information from Google. Our proprietary '' styled algorithm identifies winnable keywords for each of your items that will ultimately improve search results. All on a daily basis and delivered right to your inbox ready to upload to Walmart's Item 360 or your syndication partner.



We help identify and deploy the Next Best Action. Our data leads to sales.  Whether helping clients gain points of eComm distribution, help them win more top 10 rankings, or give them the information they need to manage their sponsored search, Webata is singularly focused on helping our clients sell more.  Period. 



We believe in listening, learning, and sharing how we can best work together to accomplish our agreed-upon goals. Our proven processes and plans work to ensure continuous improvement of your entire Walmart and Target product online portfolio. Lastly, integrity is all we've got and we vow to treat our teams, partners, and customers with the integrity we all deserve.

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