One Source Of Truth

One source of truth.

What makes Webata unique is our data. We work with brands looking for innovation and the deepest dive of organized data relevant to actions that boost sales and accelerate Walmart's eCommerce. In the beginning, our expertise was solely concentrated in onsite organic optimization. The past few years our teams have worked hard to better utilize this data and repurpose it to help brands improve Product Presentation on the Product Detail Page, Sales & Supply Chain, The Digital Shelf, & Marketing & Promotion.  

But, there's more. We consistently ask our clients and centers of influence within Omni Commerce to try and articulate what's missing and the innovation necessary to help solve complex problems and present an opportunity for first-mover advantage. The following is a simplified list of questions that Webata can answer:

Questions We Answer
  • How can I improve my Walmart eComm assortment?
  • What are my total Walmart eComm sales?
  • Are my items showing up when and where they should?
  • Am I focusing on my most profitable items?
  • Do I really need to add more photos to my Product Display Pages (PDP's?)
  • Am I spending the right amount on Walmart Sponsored Search?

Catalog Management

  • All items set up to Walmart category style guides 
  • All items listed in stores where they are carried
  • Portfolio Review
  • Profitability Analysis

Digital Content

  • Items optimized for maximum digital shelf performance
  • Regular maintenance & monitoring 
  • Content enhancements & additions 
  • User-generated content such as rating and reviews

On-Site Performance

  • SEO Optimization 
  • Walmart Connections strategy & consulting 
  • WPA strategy & implementation


  • Customized to your unique business & goals
  • Driving all strategy & decisions 
  • Profitability benchmarks

Operational Excellence

  • Availability 
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Site mapping & syndication

Category & Competition

  • 3P Marketplace
  • Competitive Spend 
  • Category rank 
  • SEO vs. Competition

We invite you to learn more about Webáta and Data-Driven eCommerce. Our unique data, proprietary algorithms, and processes, and deep eComm experience focus our actions on those that drive the highest ROI. To schedule a conversation email or visit our website at

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