Pricing Gone Wild in 194 Stores!

Surprise! There’s Incorrect Pricing You’ll Never See.


It may come as a shock, but in many cases, you are not seeing what the shopper is experiencing online. Currently, there are numerous cases of a disconnect between OPD pricing that the shopper sees online and what they would find in the store. Could be at 100 stores or 800 stores. With standard, store-based reporting, you have NO visibility to these pricing discrepancies and no way to identify which items at which stores these issues are occurring.


Webata can show you online price variations at the store level. This is NOT 3P. We pull actual OPD pricing, where average product prices may differ between what is reported in stores and what is showing up online. Webata’s pricing dashboard displays the factual data at the item/store level, so you can discover stores where pricing significantly differs from your store average. This reporting allows you to see where you are losing sales due to drastically overpriced items.


Discover how you can manage those missed sales by taking care of OPD pricing variances. Contact us at or schedule a meeting at to discuss how our data dashboard can feed your need for specialized reports.

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